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Loan Types

White Dove

For Salary Earners in Accredited Organizations

  • ✓ Accumulated Savings Not Required

  • ✓ Collateral Not Required

  • ✓ Requires Guarantor

  • ✓ Only Guarantor from Accredited Organizations Accepted

  • ✓ Requires Post Dated Cheques

Grey Dove

Strictly For Members of ZigroCoop

  • ✓ Accumulated Savings Required
  • ✓ Can borrow up to 3 times accumulated savings
  • ✓ Guarantors who are members of ZigroCoop required

  • ✓ Guarantors must have 2/3 of the requested loan amount

  • ✓ Interest rate is 3.5% per month
Black Dove

Strictly For Members of ZigroCoop Who are businessmen

  • ✓ Accumulated Savings Not Required
  • ✓ Guarantors who are members of ZigroCoop required
  • ✓ Execution of a Sale, Lease or Buy Back Agreement on Borrower's Insured Vehicle a MUST
  • ✓ Insurance on Vehicle must be comprehensive

  • ✓ Vehicle value must not be less than 75% of requested loan amount

NOTE: Please download the Loan Application Form below, fill it out, and send it along with all the required documents to:


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